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Marilu Norden in the 1950s (Photo courtesy Norden family)

Marilu Norden in the 1950s (Photo courtesy Norden family)

In May 2013, Bill McGee and I were interviewed by Theresa Iker for her Scripps College thesis about the Nevada divorce ranch era. (See my June 2013 post: “Fascination with the Reno divorce era continues”)

For her blog debut on Huffington Post, Ms. Iker writes about her interview with another Nevada divorce ranch era survivor, Marilu Norden…   Click the link to read the Huffington Post story… “Divorcing at Dude Ranches”

Theresa Iker interviews authors Bill and Sandra McGee, June 2013.

Theresa Iker interviews authors Bill and Sandra McGee for a thesis on the Reno divorce industry. (June 2013)

Theresa Iker’s interest in the Reno divorce era started when she read a VOGUE Magazine story about getting a divorce at the Donner Trail Guest Ranch outside of Reno, Nevada (“On Her Own” by Lily Tuck, VOGUE, June 2012).  Like others of her generation, Theresa, a student at Scripps College in Southern California, was unfamiliar with this part of history and decided it would be a good subject for a thesis. What was different about getting a divorce back then? Why did women go to Reno for a divorce? Theresa applied for and received a fellowship to conduct a research study about individual experiences within the Reno divorce industry from 1915-1970.

There aren’t many individuals around today who experienced the Reno divorce era firsthand. However, Internet research led Theresa to Bill McGee and his book, The Divorce Seekers: A Photo Memoir of a Nevada Dude Wrangler.

As Bill likes to say, “I may be the only former Nevada dude wrangler — still above ground — who lived through the era.”

Bill McGee worked as a dude wrangler from 1947-1950 on the legendary Flying M E divorce ranch 20 miles south of Reno. Bill and his co-author/wife, Sandra, compiled his memoirs along with other personal divorce ranch stories and produced what is today regarded as the only complete book on the Reno divorce ranch era.

We wish Theresa the very best in her work to preserve this part of Nevada history few people know about today!

–Bill and Sandra McGee