Reno Divorce Timeline

IN THE 1930S IN OTHER STATES, IT WASN’T SO EASY TO GET A DIVORCE. In New York, the waiting period was one or two years and if you charged your spouse with adultery, you had to prove it. In California, the grounds for divorce were a little easier, but the waiting period was still one year. Nevada’s divorce business exploded in 1931 when the State Legislature reduced the residency requirement for a divorce to six weeks anywhere in the state. Divorce seekers from all walks of life — the rich, the poor — came running by the thousands to get “Reno-vated,” a media term coined by Walter Winchell.


 Year                 Residency Requirement

1871                              6 months

1914                            12 months

1915                              6 months

1927                              3 months

1931                              6 weeks


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