Movies set in Reno featured on Turner Classic Movies, July 31, 2013

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Reno & Nevada Divorce Ranches, Reno and Nevada Divorce Era
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On July 31, 2013, Turner Classic Movies featured a lineup of movies with a Reno setting… View the schedule

One of the more interesting viewings may be “Romantic Nevada”, a 1943 TravelTalks documentary short produced and narrated by James A. FitzPatrick. For Nevada and Reno history buffs, at the 00:03:44 point in the documentary, there is footage shot on the Tumbling DW (later the Flying M.E.) dude-divorce ranch in Washoe Valley. The tall gentleman wearing the white hat is probably Dore Wood, the Eastern blueblood who started the famous divorce ranch in the late 1930s with his then-wife Emmy Wood. 

For more on Reno divorce movies, see the Page on this Blog, Reno Divorce Movies, or the Posting on this Blog 40+ Reno Divorce Movies.

-Sandra McGee, Divorce Nevada Style


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