Will Divorce Hotels Become the New Reno Divorce Ranches?

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Reno & Nevada Divorce Ranches, Reno and Nevada Divorce Era
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Jim Halfens, a Dutch entrepreneur, wants to introduce “Divorce Hotel”, a weekend program for couples seeking a speedy split-up, to the United States.

In a recent  Internet search for “Divorce Ranches”, this interesting story showed up from the New York Times: “Quick Getaways at the Divorce Hotel”  (5/27/2012).  A Netherlands entrepreneur came up with the idea of “Divorce Hotels“… places where a couple check in on Friday, married; check out on Sunday, divorced. According to the story, the concept is already up and running at six high-end hotels in the Netherlands and may be coming to the United States soon. Click here to read the story… Quick Getaways at the Divorce Hotel

What do you think… Will this way of divorcing catch on in the United States?  -Sandra

  1. Get married and divorced in one weekend, but why? Seems like a lot of fuss on what should be a getaway. Looks like a nice hotel


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