John Cork, Producer, RENO and The Romance of Divorce

Lots of exciting news in just the past week… and none of that would be happening without your early, generous support to the project! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

As you may know, we’ve raised over $16,000 so far, much of that through the efforts of the wonderful Bill and Sandra McGee. We’re in the process of seeking out grants and donations to raise the rest of the production budget. We’ve received one grant from Nevada Humanities, and we have PBS sponsorship through the local Reno public broadcasting station, KNPB Channel 5.

We’ve accomplished a great deal of the core research for the project, made important in-roads with key historians and many who have great stories from the “Reno divorce era.” It is a slow process, but amazingly fruitful.

In early October, we will start shooting our first key interviews. We are very excited about getting cameras rolling!

As those of you in the business know, $16,000 is not much of a budget for a documentary. In fact, our production budget is $100,000, and our total budget—including post-production, licensing, music, sound-mixing, mastering and publicity—is just under $500,000.

Most of that money will be raised through grants, and your early support has been key to putting us in a great place to obtain those grants. Some of the remaining money will come from other generous folks like you.

All of us working on the film want to let you know of three ways you can continue to help:

1) Foundations – If you know of any we should reach out to, please contact us. We have a great package, a strong track-record, and we want to connect with those who might be willing to support our project.

In addition: many families that set up charitable remainder trusts as part of estate planning. These have a much lower profile than incorporated 501c3 foundations, but they are set up only to make charitable donations. If you know of any individuals who have a charitable remainder trust whom you think would be interested in this project, we would be very grateful to you if you mentioned the project to them or facilitated an introduction.

2) IndieGoGo Link – Please share with any friends who might like to be a part of this great project with a tax-deductible donation:

Or, for those who might be interested in donating, but don’t want to do so over the Internet, here is the mailing address of our non-profit sponsoring organization. Checks should be made out to “The San Francisco Film Society” with “In support of ‘Reno and the Romance of Divorce’” on the MEMO line:

San Francisco Film Society
Suite 110
Finance Department
39 Mesa Street
The Presidio
San Francisco, CA 94129

3) Home movies – As always, we are looking for photographic archives, home movies and memorabilia of the era to illustrate our story. Please let us know if you know of resources we should investigate.

Again, we are tremendously grateful for your support. This project is exciting and important to all of us who are working on it.

From the entire team, thank you for helping to spread the word and for supporting documentary filmmaking. We feel confident you will enjoy the results!


John Cork
Lisa van Eyssen
24685 Camino del Monte
Carmel, CA 93923
323 662-4467 – office
323 273-1375 – mobile


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